Protecting Your Brand With Amazon Brand Registry

One of your top concerns as an Amazon e-commerce company should be safeguarding your brand against fraud. Numerous things might damage your brand if you’re not careful, such as competitors utilising your brand name to sell their inferior products or third-party retailers renaming your products.

Amazon provides the Amazon Brand Registry initiative to assist brand owners in safeguarding their intellectual property and keeping authority over their online presence. It gives registered brands several advantages and tools to help them actively maintain and protect their brand rights on Amazon.

Why should you register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry?

Enhanced Brand Protection:

You can safeguard your brand from infringement and unapproved sellers by signing up for the Amazon Brand Registry, which gives you access to more tools and services. This includes proactive brand protection measures, control over your product listings and content, and access to strong tools for reporting and eliminating counterfeit listings.

More Control over Product Listings:

You have more control over your Amazon product listings when you use Brand Registry. You may improve your product detail pages, make shopping more engaging, and draw attention to your brand’s unique selling propositions by utilising tools like Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content.

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Searchability:

Brand Registry gives you access to extra marketing and advertising resources that can help expand the reach and exposure of your brand on Amazon. This includes tools like Brand Analytics, which offers insightful data on consumer behaviour and industry trends, and Sponsored Brands, which allow you to advertise your company and goods in search results.

Simplified Report and Resolution Procedures:

You have access to simplified procedures for reporting infringements of intellectual property as a registered brand owner. This makes it possible to resolve problems relating to illegal or counterfeit use of your brand more quickly, giving customers a more positive online buying experience.

Opportunities for Exclusive Brand Building:

To assist brand owners in developing and expanding their companies, Amazon Brand Registry provides exclusive programs and initiatives. This includes chances to take part in the Early Reviewer Program, which facilitates the creation of genuine product reviews, and Amazon Stores, where you may set up a specialised storefront to highlight your brand and merchandise.

Protection Against Listing Hijacking:

Unauthorised sellers may try to take over your product listings, but you are better protected against this with Brand Registry. By registering your trademark and signing up for the Brand Registry, you may build authority for your brand and stop other people from taking advantage of your listings.

Access to Improved Customer Support:

The Brand Registry Support staff at Amazon provides specialised assistance to members. This guarantees that in the event of any brand-related problems or queries, you will have access to knowledgeable support and direction.

Do you require a trademark for Amazon Brand Registry?

You need to have a registered trademark for your product to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry.

How to get a trademark?

You must do the following actions to get things started:

Start a research

Make sure your name and/or logo are original and that no other registered trademarks with the same name already exist.

File your trademark application under a particular class 

This will specify the kinds of products that will go under your registered brand, much as when you choose a product category on Amazon. The trademark’s class will determine how much it costs.

Have a licensed trademark attorney

A licensed trademark attorney can file your trademark application. You can find lawyers offering this service in your local area or online.

However if you wish to save money, you can file the trademark application on your own.

What are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand protection

The last thing you want is for someone to tamper with your brand after you’ve taken the time to file for and pay for a registered trademark. The brand registry can thankfully assist with that.

You can safeguard your material and intellectual property on Amazon, where a committed in-house team is available to assist you with:

  • Reporting any infractions in the market, such as manipulated product reviews and customer complaints that the product was “not as described.”
  • Reporting any problems you find with your listing, such as blocked listings and inaccurate product data and variation information.
  • IP infringement claims being filed or withdrawn.
  • Reporting any technical problems with your product listing’s page loading or the functionality of your Seller Central homepage.
  • Increasing the value of previously filed claims.

A+ Content Access

The “A+ Content Manager” (previously known as Enhanced Brand Content) is one of the best aspects of Amazon’s Brand Registry. Go to Seller Central’s Advertising navigation menu to access the A+ Content Manager. You can add more text, pictures, infographics, and special modules to your product listings in addition to the typical plain-text product description by improving your brand content.

Engaged Shoppers

Having your brand registered also gives you access to tools that will make you stand out from the competition.

Storefronts are a quick and easy way to establish credibility for your brand and business. They look like standard e-commerce websites and often consist of one or more pages with multiple content tiles surrounding the header and footer.

One major advantage of having an Amazon Store is that there won’t be any competing product diversions. Additionally, the process is simple to follow step-by-step if you decide to build a store. You won’t require any specialised knowledge to complete it!

Sponsored Brand Ads

Another avenue for customer interaction is through Sponsored Brands, which are the headline advertising that shows up at the top of your Amazon search results page.

By employing personalised language to help consumers perceive your brand the way you want it to be perceived, you can use these advertisements to aid in brand discovery.

Customers will be sent straight to your storefront when they click on your brand name or emblem. Alternatively, they will be sent straight to your product page if they click on your product.

Amazon live creator

You can now use Amazon Live to include interactive, streaming video into your brand strategy if you’ve ever wanted to interact directly with your customers.

Sellers can share their brand narrative with customers using this feature of Amazon’s Brand Registry. They can reach more customers as a result.

The livestream video can be used to show prospective buyers how your product operates or to have a live chat with them to address any queries they may have.

Customer insights

Knowing who you’re dealing with is essential to leveraging the Brand Registry’s full range of benefits to effectively reach your customers.

In the end, knowing your client base’s metrics will help you decide if and how to employ each of the tools and services at your disposal.

Have trouble registering your brand? eStore Factory’s Amazon Seller Account Management is here to look after your Amazon account and show you the road to success.